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Some useful pottery resources and links
  Ceramic and Art Organizations
Minnesota Crafts Council (MCC)
The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
Northeast Minneapolis Arts Associations

  Ceramic Equipment and Suppliers
Manassas Clay Online
Bailey Ceramic Supply - Bailey Wheels
Clay Art Center Laguna Glazes
Great Lakes Clay
Dick Blick - Art Supplies

  Glaze Formulas & Calculation Software
Digitalfire Corp - Chemistry and Database Software
Having Glazes Tested for Extractable Metals
  Ceramic Publications
Ceramics Monthly
Pottery Making Illustrated
Clay Times
Crafts Report
Studio Potter

  Mailing Lists / News Groups
My Pottery Mailing List
Clayart Mailing List Archive
rec.crafts.pottery FAQ

  Miscellaneous Ceramic Resources
The Ceramics Web
Yahoo! Arts:Visual Arts:Ceramics
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